Unique research facility

The unique research facility "Complex of large-scale geophysical setups at IAP RAS" (UNU KKGS) was established in 2010 by combining two experimental setups of the IAP RAS Geophysical Research Devision: KROT plasma setup and LTST hydrophysical setup with a Wind-wave flume.

The purpose of the complex is laboratory modeling of physical phenomena in geospheric and other planetary shells, including plasma effects in the magnetosphere, ionosphere and atmosphere, hydrophysical processes in the upper ocean layer and the atmospheric drive layer in a wide range of parameters from calm to hurricane.

UNU KKGS Director: Yuliya I. Troitskaya, D. Sci., Physics & Mathematics, Head of Nonlinear Geophysical Processes Dept.

Problems and results

UNU is used succefully to not only solve basic physics problems, but also test methods of full-scale measurements and the corresponding equipment. The results of these studies are used in underwater, ground-based, airborne, rocket- and satellite-based experiments.

The UNU team takes part in research expeditions and is engaged extensively to the works in the fields of hydrophysical and hydroacoustic measurements, studies of atmospheric electricity, active space experiments, and remote sensing of the Earth.

Development program

The UNU KKGS Development Program is signed for the purposes of expanding the potentialities of the setup further in 2019–2029.

In particular, the Program includes construction of a new wind-wave channel with a record-breaking large cross section and modification of the KROT setup by installing a high-power sub-kJ pulsed laser.

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