Scientific equipment

Year of manufacture Manufacturer Unique
Technical systems and computational tools
Large thermostratified test tank (LTST) 1989 USSR
LTST surface wavemaker 2004 Russia
LTST surface wavemaker 1998 Russia
LTST towing trolley 1990 USSR
High-Speed Wind-Wave Flume (HSWWF) 2009 Russia
HSWWF surface wavemaker 2011 Russia
30-25 plasma setup (KROT) 1983 USSR
Capacitors of the capacitive energy storage of the 30-25 setup 2017 Russia
Power supply of the capacitive storage 2008 Russia
Accelerator of the 30-25 setup (KROT-F) 2012 Russia
Vacuum chamber 2006 Russia
Pfeiffer Vacuum WS 1000 W2U evacuation unit 2009 Austria
Vacuum equipment unit 2008 Austria
2NVR-60D vacuum pumps, 2 pcs. 2008 Russia
High-performance computing cluster 2015 Russia
Measuring and diagnostic systems
СSystem for measurement of spatio-temporal temperature distributions in LTST 1991 USSR
Diode-matrix underwater lighting system for HSWWF 2015 Russia
Underwater video recording system based on a Videoscan-415 camera 2005 Russia
Six-channel resistive-type string wave recorder 2013 Russia
High-speed "Videosprint" camera 2009 Russia
High-speed NAC HX-3 camera 2017 Japan
Optronis CR-3000 camera 2014 Germany
Multichannel hotwire system "Dantec" 2015 Denmark
EE75 hotfilm probe 2010 Austria
Pitot probes with MKS Baratron differential manometers, 6 pcs. 2010 USA
Set of continuous-wave, solid-state, diode-pumped lasers LCS-DTL-413 2007-2012 Russia
Three-component Micro ADV Nortec Doppler flow meter 2016 Norway
STD RBR profile analyzer 2016 Canada
Vacuum measuring system 2008 Austria
ExTorr residual gas analyzer 2008 USA
Wide-range vacuum gauges, 3 pcs. 2009 Austria
Tektronix MDO4054-3 oscilloscope 2015 USA
Tektronix TDS 3052B oscilloscope 2001 USA
Tektronix TDS 3032B oscilloscope 2005 USA
Tektronix TDS 3032B oscilloscope 2003 USA
Tektronix TDS 1012B oscilloscope 2008 USA
Gould DSO-475 oscilloscope 1999 USA