Plasma cloud dynamics in the process of expansion to a magnetized background medium

KROT is used to perform experimental studies of the dynamics of a plasma cloud produced by a small-size plasma gun, as the cloud expands to background plasma and vacuum in an ambient magnetic field. Due to the record-breaking dimensions of the plasma column (more than one meter across the magnetic field), the regime of “boundary-free” background ionization is realized, which is desirable for modeling of large-size astrophysical and geophysical phenomena. The set of effects demonstrated in the sub-Alfven regime of cloud expansion, which are typical of laboratory and space experiments, includes formation of a diamagnetic cavern, deceleration of cloud ions by the background plasma, and development of high-frequency electromagnetic and structural cloud instabilities. The effect of plasma flow collimation has been discovered in the process of cloud expansion across the magnetic field with formation of a structure of the “pancake” type.

Photos of the pancake-type structure formed in the process of expansion of a dense high-speed plasma cloud across the magnetic field with an inductance of 450 G, which were obtained by using a fast-shutter camera for shooting from two angles
Dynamics of perturbations of the ambient magnetic field in the plasma sheet region, which is reconstructed basing on B-dot probe measurements

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